Body Temperature Scanners

Body Temperature Scanners

by Evolved Office

Protect your Business, Employees, and Customers with SBM’s Line of Body Temperature Scanners. GoSafe by OneScreen or LivMote by Sharp. Let One Of Our Solutions Experts Help You Find the Right Device for Your Office.

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Customers can safely come back in.

Go safely back into public spaces.

Kids can go safely back into schools.

Go safely back into public spaces.

Introducing OneScreen GoSafe, a Qualcomm-based device, and LivMote by Sharp.  Scan for temperature, mask presence as well as require a Covid Pre-Screening Questionaire (LivMote Only)

Why You Need This Today

  • Securely scan in less than one second with on-board AI
  • Options for live video assistance for real time entry approval
  • Provides access control integration for automatic doors
  • Centralized management for multiple scanners, data and attendance
  • Keep your company Covid Compliant based on Local and Federal Guidelines.
  • Customizable Pre-Screening Questionnaires
  • No need for an employee to take temperatures, Your device does this for you.
  • SMS notifications of alerts (LivMote Only)

3 Operation Modes

  • Stand-alone offline
  • LAN managed
  • Cloud managed

Customizable Setting

  • Body temperature level
  • On/Off facial recognition (GoSafe Only)
  • On/Off mask presence
  • On/Off card reader
  • Pre-Screening Questionnaire (LivMote Only)
  • SMS Alerts (LivMote Only)
  • Email Alert Notification

Access Control

Allow entry based on temperature, mask detection, facial recognition (GoSafe Only), ID card or via remote approval.

Seacoast Business Machines Truly Cares About The Health and Wellbeing of You, Your Customers and Your Employees.  Let Us Show You the SBM Difference and Take You Back to a Day When the Customer was Considered and Treated as Family.